The only downside is that they’re only compatible with Windows and not Mac. If you’re not looking for the heavy stuff and just want to have some fun with your pictures, filters will do just fine. There’s a variety of them available and they can help you correct certain problems in your images, as well as bring an artistic effect into them.

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PSD Recover is a free utilitarian Photoshop plugin that allows you to use a layer from a PSD/PSB file. You don’t have to open the entire Photoshop Recuva project, which saves you time. Also, PSD Recover allows you to use layers from newer versions of Photoshop than the one you own it. This is a great feature because, as you know, you can’t open PDS files created with a newer Photoshop version.

They’re all Windows only, so Mac users can only use them via Windows emulation software. Richard Rosenman Advertising & Design offers high-quality, free Photoshop filters and plugins that will help you make your pictures look more professional.

  • I was about to read a lengthy tutorial on how to create WebP images when I learned that Smush Pro does this with the flip of a switch.
  • Before Smush Pro loading images took 3 seconds on some pages, but after converting to WebPs and using the Smush CDN, the thing would load in under a second.
  • Because the truth is, GIFs were never designed for animations.
  • As I was writing this post and learning about WebP images, compression, and other image optimization techniques, I was excited to use my new found knowledge to improve my personal site.

Filters are grouped into different sections such as landscape, black and white photography, faded & matte, film and hipster. You have excellent control over each filter and you can adjust all their parameters. ON1 develops its own powerful photo editing program but also some pretty cool Photoshop plugins.

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Moreover, PSD Recover can get you layers from corrupted files. ON1 Effects is a collection of photo effects, filters, presets, and LUTs.

A plugin that provides three Photoshop filters for creating all kinds of 2D / 3D textures and border effects. Free Photoshop filters can give you a taste of what it’s like. Mehdi Plugins is a site that specializes on free plugins and filters for Photoshop.