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The SNES roster undeniably blows the NES one of the water, but there’s a lot missing. Console defining games are completely absent for whatever reason, locking fans out of the full Super Nintendo experience. Nintendo still has time to add these games, but they should have been a part of NSO from the start. It only took Nintendo an entire year to give fans Super Nintendo games, but they finally did it. To the surprise of just about everyone, they even managed to do a relatively decent job after the utter disaster that was NSO’s lackluster NES selection.

Mortal Kombat rom

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With plenty of classics to choose from, NSO’s SNES app is off to a good start. I feel bad for kids growing up who never played this excellently honed and intricately hewn platformer. It was as hard as it was fun, and as wildly unpredictable as it was easy to pick up and understand.

It’s one of the rarest SNES games of all time along with one of the most beloved— Nintendo was in the right to make it more accessible. Like with the SNES Classic, there are glaring omissions to Nintendo’s catalog.

The game’s introduction of Yoshi in the Super Mario universe made it a great addition to the series, and the cape easily became one of Mario’s most recognized power-ups next to the raccoon suit. With a great soundtrack, popping visuals and tight controls, Super Mario World is still a fun game to play to this very day and the pinnacle execution of software development that defined the Super NES. The multiple endings and 30 hours worth of content, combined with Nobuo Uematsu’s absolutely perfect and timeless soundtrack makes this a classic for the ages and an easy pick for one of the best on Nintendo’s SNES.

  • The game becomes so fast at times that the SNES starts to slow down.
  • Puzzle games are criminally underrepresented on the SNES Classic Edition, and Tetris Attack would be the ideal game to represent the genre.
  • As noted on my list of best rebranded games, Tetris Attack was know as Panel de Pon in Japan before it was given a makeover for its western release.
  • Panel de Pon actually is included on the Japanese version of the SNES Classic, and it’s a safe bet that the Tetris license is what prevented Tetris Attack from being included on the other side of the ocean.

Chrono Trigger was one of those rare games that had it all; a great story leveraged by equally great gameplay leveraged by equally great graphics and music. The time traveling and multiple endings just added to the journey, giving gamers a reason to replay it over, and over, and over again. Without a shadow of a doubt this is easily one of the best SNES games ever because it’s one of the best games ever. The 1993 release of Hartung Game Master Star Fox set the gaming world ablaze with chatter because Nintendo was effectively competing with Panasonic’s 3DO, and wasn’t doing a bad job of it.