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Tasks that you say "gee, I wish I didn’t need to keep my main computer awake to do" are prime candidates for offloading to a server. If you don’t want to poke too many holes in your firewall, a hybrid approach may be best. At present, I’m using Amazon Drive and a tool called Odrive, because Amazon’s own app is terrible. We’ve used MakeMKV to copy the disk to a giant file — then we take the giant file, and either play it back in VLC directly, or transcode it for iTunes in Handbrake. MakeMKV allows us to not copy the entire disc, leaving things off. Ripping DVDs you own is now is more complex than it used to be.

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I no longer have to worry about space since I can plan well ahead for that. I think a Synology server is going to provide much more bang for your buck, and is much more matured for this type of use. This article shouldn’t be considered a comprehensive guide to the OS X pseudo-server for the home. There are literally millions of possible configurations, and you should adapt the guide to what you need.

Handbrake in conjunction with VLC could do it for the longest time, but if you’re using Sierra or High Sierra, there’s a process you need to follow to install the libraries you need to execute the task. As I mentioned earlier, this is doable on wireless, but even with recent improvements will take ages. The Internet IP you get from your ISP isn’t generally static. It can take days or weeks to change, but one day, it changes, and this invariably happens when you need something out in the world from your home server. Some higher end routers have this built-in, but if you’re not so lucky, try

  • This thread describes the alternative of using ControlMK, with specific instructions and even a ready-made setup profile for the game (though I can’t vouch for its quality as I have never tried it).
  • Browse other questions tagged controllers the-binding-of-isaac or ask your own question.
  • And as you can see, the game specifically tells you to use one of the many gamepad to keyboard solutions out there, specifically JoyToKey.
  • The thread also mentions Xpadder, as per Kalamane’s answer.
  • You can use this for any PC game, even if it doesn’t have native support for gamepads.

On the current setup, I’m up to date with High Sierra, primarily for security patches. Snow quicktime for windows 7 Leopard in its final incarnation is regarded by old-timers as pretty great, but many security patches haven’t been applied, so, proceed with caution as you poke holes in your router’s firewall. There are assorted ways to leave your media in-place without copying it to the iTunes folder. My server has been on x.x.x.205 for ages, with the preceding x depending on one of a host of routers I’ve used for nearly twenty years. The high trailing digit is generally outside of DHCP allocation ranges, so no problems there. Pick what you will, but I recommend above .100 for sure, not to exceed .255.

From a physical perspective, don’t serve from wi-fi and use the Ethernet port. Position it on the wired part of your network as close as possible to the most traffic — for most scenarios, this means it will be connected directly off your router. Compare what you have to what you’ve decided you need in part two. Perfect for LAN streaming without on-the-fly transcoding. Works great for video streaming with transcoding — but I recommend the re-core, if you’re even moderately handy and technical. If you’re strapped for cash, or would rather spend on storage, think outside the box. After you’ve blown the sticky dust out of it (and you’ve done this with that run of mini, right?), it can be connected to USB 2.0 multiple drive cases to serve media, and some light lifting.

Reutilization of existing computers is a really compelling thing. A home server is easy, and mandates nearly no spousal negotiation, if you’re taking idle hardware. Maybe the music doesn’t have to move off your primary work machine. On that Text Edit document is probably a dozen uses, possibly mandating a server farm, a kilowatt of power, geothermal cooling, and a dedicated cooling water supply drawn from the local aquifer.